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Improving the quality of life

We support children, youth and adults
in inclusive, respectful and kind care
for their individual and community wellbeing.

Our courses

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Online and face-to-face courses supporting social-emotional learning and wellbeing of teachers, children and youth based on developing mindfulness. 

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Online and face-to-face courses supporting social-emotional learning,  wellbeing and respectful communication in parenting and working with children and youth based on developing mindfulness.

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Online and face-to-face courses supporting team wellbeing, stress reduction,  inclusive and respectful communication based on developing mindfulness and the ANTIBIAS approach.


Mindfulness is the ability to fully experience the present moment and to discover with insight what is happening in it, without judgment and with friendly interest. Mindfulness reduces stress, improves focus, empathy, feelings of joy and overall health and well-being. (Jon Kabat-Zinn)

What is mindfulness and why practice it

Mindfulness is our innate capacity to shift our attention to the present moment and perceive the world fully, effortlessly and with a distance. By developing this capacity we can alleviate the stress responses of our body and mind, concentrate more and enjoy life with ease and joy. 

The SEMwell team consists of certified and experienced trainers. We cooperate with psychologists and other mindfulness and mental health experts in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We know how to bring mindfulness to children, adolescents and adults. We will help you find inspiration on how to best support mindfulness in preschool and school education, at the workplace, in parenting and in your personal life.  


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Jana Kyriakou

Co-founder of SEMwell and Motion Digital
Project director
Wellbeing expert

KatkaFichtnerova_round photo 2023.png

Katerina Fichtnerova

External communication coordinator

Teacher of preschool education

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