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Projects ERASMUS+

We cooperate with specialized EU organisations, universities and NGOs on sharing and implementing evidence based and innovative approaches to education, professional growth and youthwork.


In these international projects our experts develop publically available materials and tools that support social-emotional learning, inclusion at schools and workplace and wellbeing of children, youth and adults.


Education - Wellbeing - Inclusion - Accessibility - Social justice

Current projects
2022 - 2024

Implemented projects
2020 - 2022

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Sexual education and youth work


Development of well-being and mental resilience in preschool education

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Intergenerational mentoring and workplace education

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Use of augmented reality (AR) technology and simulation

in education to support a green economy

News and events

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Supporting mental health and social engagement of youth

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Promoting the wellbeing and mental health of young people


Storytelling and Diversity management


Supporting the position of refugee women through language teaching with the support of XR tools

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