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Indulge your body
and think quality rest

We will put together a tailor-made package full of rest, self-care and inspiration to support team communication. You can choose from a combination of yoga, various meditation and relaxation activities, mindfulness practice, attentive and respectful communication.


  • Yoga twice a day

  • Workshop

  • Mindful walks in the castle garden

  • Excellent full board

  • Option of wellness sauna and massages


  • Jan Kyriakou

  • Tereza Hausmanova

Information about the course

We are currently preparing a Restart Retreat

for the period February/March 2025.

We are preparing a fixed date where you can register with your employees. If you want to plan a team building just for your company, we can organize it tailored for you. Write to us via the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you soon.
We will soon publish more information and the date of the planned retreat on these pages.

The price of the retreat

We will publish the price per person here soon

and with other information.

What course participants say about us

Space for the family

Teachers of children 2-4 years

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the continuation of the seminar, it is very positive to share together."

"Thank you very much for the pleasant seminar, which helped me to relax and since I am interested in the topic, it only supported and gave me the desire for further self-development."

Good Montessori

Participants in the 8h workshop for teachers: Teaching mindfully

"I'm completely blown away! The course was one day, but it enriched me as if I had spent a week somewhere. Thank you, my life is richer.”

"Thank you for the kind approach of the lecturer, it was a caress for my soul during this difficult time."

"The activities are practical and illustrative. The lecturer's work with both children and adults is natural and professional."

Elementary school Brdličkova

4th and 5th grade students, yoga lessons

"I really liked yoga."
"Yoga calms me down."
"I discovered that I love yoga and sports."

"I found that relaxing is easier than it looks."
"I started to enjoy yoga."


Send us a non-binding application

After sending the form, we will contact you shortly and tell you more information about the chosen course and our capacity options.

Thank you for your message, we will contact you soon!

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