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Do you want to learn applying mindfulness while teaching children and youth?

A practical demonstration of how a minfdul teacher can work with mindfulness in the classroom and thus build the basic skill of self-awareness for the further development of children's social and emotional competences.


  • What is mindfulness and how its development can enrich one's own pedagogical competences and the overall climate in the classroom.

  • How the development of mindfulness can support personality development, mental well-being and thus the academic and social success of children and adolescents in classrooms.

Course information

Workshop for teachers,

with an overlap for children

You will learn in depth what mindfulness is and how its development can enrich your own pedagogical competences and the overall climate in the classroom.

In person course

at your school or kindergarten

We will come to your school or kindergarten where the course will take place. We can agree on a specific day that will suit you.

8h workshop
about mindfulness

A full-day workshop focused on mindfulness and self-awareness.
We recommend this course

after completing Introduction to mindfulness .

Course price

Individual price according to format

from CZK 25,200 for a team of 20 people

Prices include VAT 21%

(all courses for the teaching staff can be paid for
from the Czech educational funds - DVPP templates - OP JAK)
Write to us via the form below for an individual offer.

What course participants say about us

Space for the family

Educators of children 2-4 years old

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the continuation of the seminar, it is very positive to share together."

"Thank you very much for the pleasant seminar, which helped me to relax and since I am interested in the topic, it only supported and gave me the desire for further self-development."

Good Montessori

Participants of the 8 workshop for teachers: Teaching mindfully

"I'm completely blown away! The course was one day, but it enriched me as if I had spent a week somewhere. Thank you, my life is richer.”

"Thank you for the kind approach of the lecturer, it was a caress for my soul during this difficult time."

"The activities are practical and illustrative. The lecturer's work with both children and adults is natural and professional."

Elementary school Brdličkova

4th and 5th grade students, yoga lessons

"I really liked yoga."
"Yoga calms me down."
"I discovered that I love yoga and sports."

"I found that relaxing is easier than it looks."
"I started to enjoy yoga."


Send us a non-binding application

After sending the form, we will contact you shortly and tell you more information about the chosen course and our capacity options.

Thank you for your message, we will contact you soon!

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