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We organize thematic well-being breakfasts not only for HR

Do you want to feed yourself well - whether through good food, tips on how to take care of yourself and include mindfulness in your day, and connect with people from the field of HR, education and care for human potential and company culture ? Then come to the well-being breakfast, which we organize 4 times a year .


  • September: how to set healthy autumn habits and routine

  • The beginning of December: calmly handling the end of the year

  • End of January/February: how to find a balance between tasks and rest in winter

  • May: how not to burn out with summer activities and plans


  • You will learn how to find a greater balance between work and personal life

  • You'll get simple tips and exercises to calm your mind and boost your energy

  • You will meet new people, networking

Information about the course

Who is the network breakfast aimed at?

To everyone who cares about human capital and potential in companies: HR, CORPORATE EDUCATION, WELLBEING, BENEFITS, DEI

Where does breakfast take place?

If you are interested, write to us via the contact form and we will inform you about the nearest date and venue. Do you know someone who wouldn't want to miss such an event? We will be happy to share not only with HR colleagues and employees.

4 times a year
2.5 hours

There is always a new topic about mindfulness and well-being waiting for you at the delicious breakfasts. During breakfast, there is also networking, where you have the chance to meet interesting people
from the field.

Event price

We will publish the price of the events here soon.

Send us your interest via the contact form and we will send you specific information
by e-mail.

What course participants say about us

Space for the family

Educators of children 2-4 years old

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the continuation of the seminar, it is very positive to share together."

"Thank you very much for the pleasant seminar, which helped me to relax and since I am interested in the topic, it only supported and gave me the desire for further self-development."

Good Montessori

Participants in the 8h workshop for teachers: Teaching mindfully

"I'm completely blown away! The course was one day, but it enriched me as if I had spent a week somewhere. Thank you, my life is richer.”

"Thank you for the kind approach of the lecturer, it was a caress for my soul during this difficult time."

"The activities are practical and illustrative. The lecturer's work with both children and adults is natural and professional."

Elementary school Brdličkova

4th and 5th grade students, yoga lessons

"I really liked yoga."
"Yoga calms me down."
"I discovered that I love yoga and sports."

"I found that relaxing is easier than it looks."
"I started to enjoy yoga."


Send us a non-binding application

After sending the form, we will contact you shortly and tell you more information about the chosen course and our capacity options.

Thank you for your message, we will contact you soon!

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