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Introductory workshop: getting acquainted with mindfulness for stress reduction


2 h

Interactive presentation of the principles of developing mindfulness as a support for wellbeing and stress reduction. THE PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN: - What mindfulness is based on direct experience - What are the potential benefits of developing a mindfulness culture at work and in personal life

Price for a team up to 30 people: from 14.000 CZK

Course: MBSR - stress reduction through mindfulness


25 hours divided into 8 meetings once a week. Between the 6th and 7th meetings there is a common 4-5 hours of practice.

The eight-week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) training is the best known, most widely used and scientifically researched program for developing life satisfaction, inner peace and balance through mindfulness. It provides a solid foundation for further self-development and application of mindfulness in work and personal life. THE PARTICIPANTS WILL LEARN: - Respond consciously in challenging situations instead of automatic, stereotypical ways of communication - Recover more quickly from the challenging situations that life inevitably brings - Feel the joy of being in the present and enjoy life in its fullness and richness - To be the "author of your life" and motivate yourself in a healthy way - To enjoy human interconnection and the sence of belonging in relationships with others Only through a long-term regular comprehensive mindfulness practice can real changes be achieved in the neural connections in the brain and thus in overall feeling, experiencing and behaviour.

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1-2 DAYS

We will tailor a package full of relaxation, self-care and inspiration to support team communication. You can choose from a combination of yoga, various meditation and relaxation activities, mindfulness practices, mindful and respectful communication.

Price: contact us 

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