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  • Jana Kyriakou


Building Resilience and Mindfulness in Youth

Duration: 1.12.2022-30.11.2024


Youth Support Association Parchim/Lübz (Germany)

Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology CARDET (Cyprus)

Future in Perspective (Ireland)

Neophytos Charalambous_Institute of Development (Cyprus)

SEMwell and Motion Digital (Czech Republic)

Mindshift Talent Advisory (Portugal)

Target group:

Youth (16-30 years)

Youth workers (no age limit)

About the project:

As the Eurofound report "Life, Work and Covid-19" showed, young people are the group most at risk of the pandemic. Many young people are in a precarious situation, many have lost their jobs and face huge obstacles in securing employment or career development. Financial insecurity and loneliness also affect the mental well-being of young people, leading to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression. At the same time, the increasing digitalisation of work is also a source of anxiety and insecurity for employees and young people. The BENEFIT project aims to support young people's wellbeing and help them build their mental resilience. As it is well documented by research, resilience can play a key role in individuals' employability by helping them to maintain their drive and confidence at work, perform better in exams and face life's challenges and obstacles. Developing wellbeing and mental resilience will help young people gain an advantage not only at the labour market but also in their personal lives.

Project objectives:

BENEFIT is a project aimed at strengthening the resilience of youth workers and young people and enhancing their mental health. The main objective is to improve the mental well-being of young people and to support their integration into the labour market and society. Here are the specific objectives of the project in points:

1. To promote young people's mental well-being and enable them to overcome challenges and obstacles.

2. To enable youth workers to offer comprehensive support and services to young people.

3. Promote mental health-informed youth work to aid young people to respond and overcome challenges.

4. Develop quality resources for youth workers/youth.

Specific Outcomes:

  • A set of exercises and activities developing mental resilience and mindfulness for youth workers and young people.

  • A training package for youth workers (which includes a curriculum and manual).

  • A free e-learning platform for all interested parties.

  • Opportunity for at least 100 young people from partner countries to directly participate in BENEFIT implementation workshops and trainings that introduce practical ways to contribute to mental wellbeing and increase resilience.

  • Opportunity for at least 100 youth workers from partner countries to participate in training workshops to receive guidance on how to develop mindfulness and contribute to mental resilience and youth mental health.

If you would like to be involved in the BENEFIT project, contact Veronika Vesela:


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