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MOTION DIGITAL supports the wellbeing of youth and adults


Motion Digital is a start-up founded in 2019 in Czech Republic, in Prague - the heart of Europe. Our mission is to enrich people's lives in a sustainable environment through technology, exponential growth, and human development. And our core purpose is to empower lifelong learners to take control of their lives and drive systemic changes which improve the quality of life.

We are proud to work based on these main values:

 Diversity & Inclusion

 Responsibility & Sustainability

 Growth Mindset

 Honesty & Integrity


As part of our mission we are connecting with other organisations and educational institutions in Europe with a similar goal. We work together on international projects with the theme of wellbeing, inclusion and sustainability funded by Erasmus+ .

 The European Union through its youth policy and based on the 2018 Council Resolution, aims to maximize youth potential and contribution in civic society. The aim is to foster youth engagement and participation, by engaging, connecting and empowering them. It is a top priority to ensure that all young people have the necessary resources and competencies to take their rightful part in society, for social inclusion and active citizenship. Youth struggling with disadvantages are generally less active citizens and have less trust in institutions. Europe cannot afford wasted talent, social exclusion or disengagement among its youth.

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At Motion Digital our purpose is to empower lifelong learners to take control of their lives. Supporting the development of youth and helping them combat the social obstacles they face, especially those who are marginalized because of their gender, sexual orientation and mental health status, is our key goal through the Safe Youth Project.  Apart from helping youth directly this project’s aim is also to actively engage and support the youth workers.

Our mental well-being and youth experts will be actively engaged in the project. We have a lot of experience working directly with youth at schools and other institutions as well as working closely with other experts on designing the relevant curriculum and implementation methodologies.

On our new website you can find some inspiration on how to boost and maintain your well-being.


Authors: Jana Kyriakou and Kyriakos Kyriakou

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