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Why develop mindfulness at school?

Teachers are key to our children's wellbeing and academic success. Our mission is to support teachers in their demanding profession and help them in their personal and professional growth. We encourage and help them take care of their own health and wellbeingin the prevention of burnout and in the further education in the field of wellbeing and building 
physical and mental capacities,
so that they can best support the children and youth in their class and live a happy personal life. 

​Mindfulness practice can be beneficial for children of all ages and at every stage of development. According to relevant research, mindfulness improves children's social and communication skills, strengthens self-control and self-regulation, reduces anxiety and stress, reduces risky behavior, improves concentration and increases overall mental resilience.

All methodologies in our courses are based on scientifically based data and studies and are delivered by our expertly trained team. We facilitate programs in Czech and English.

Choose from the following packages

For teaching staff with an influence on children and youth in the classroom

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Workshop: Introduction to mindfulness


1–2 h

An interactive introduction to the principles of developing mindfulness to support social-emotional learning and wellbeing. THE TEACHERS WILL LEARN: - What is mindfulness through a direct experience. - What are the potential benefits of developing a culture of mindfulness for the school community

Price for one group of teachers from 4,000 CZK

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Course: Mindfulness in the classroom


3 parts in a time span of one to several weeks:
1. 2 hours for teachers
2. 30-45 min lessons in the classroom (1-5 lessons)
3. 2 hours for teachers

A practical demonstration of how a mindful teacher can use mindfulness practice in the classroom to build the basic skill of self-awareness for the further development of children's social and emotional competence. THE TEACHERS WILL LEARN: - What mindfulness is and how developing mindfulness can enrich their own teaching competencies and the overall classroom climate. - How the development of mindfulness can support the personal development, mental wellbeing and thus academic and social success of children and adolescents in the classroom CHILDREN/YOUTH IN THE CLASSROOM WILL LEARN: Children/adolescents will experience through hands-on short activities selected in proportion to their age: - What mindfulness is, how attention and the nervous system work - What emotions are, how to notice them and how to calm down in difficult emotional situations - How to improve concentration - How to cultivate empathy and respect for yourself and others

Price for a group of teachers and one classroom from 16,500 CZK

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Workshop: Teaching mindfully


8 hours (one full day or two days of 4 hours each)

WHAT TEACHERS WILL LEARN AND TEACH: - Teachers will learn how the practice of mindfulness can enhance the natural authority of the educator through: - Strengthening resources for emotional equanimity and psychological well being during teaching, - Developing self-awareness and respectful expression of one's own needs, - Deepening empathy in communication with children, colleagues and parents.

Price for one group of teachers from 20,000 CZK

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Course: MBSR for teachers - reducing stress through mindfulness


25 hours spread over 8 weekly sessions. Includes 5 hours practice session between the 6th and 7th session. 

The eight-week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) training is the best known, most widely used and scientifically researched program for developing life satisfaction, inner peace and balance through mindfulness. It provides a solid foundation for further self-development and application of mindfulness in educational practice. THE TEACHERS WILL LEARN: - Respond consciously in challenging situations instead of automatic, stereotypical ways of communication - Recover more quickly from emotionally challenging and stressful situations that teaching practice inevitably brings - Perceive the joy of being in the present and enjoy life in all its breadth and richness - To be the "author of one's life" and to motivate oneself in a healthy way - To enjoy human interconnection and the sence of belonging in relationships with others Only through a long-term regular comprehensive mindfulness practice real changes can be achieved in the neural connections in the brain and thus in overall feeling, experiencing and behaviour. From the perspective of social and interpersonal neurobiology, adult emotional attunement is one of the building blocks for children's brain development and ability to learn in a safe and emotionally regulated environment.

Price: 7.900 Kc per person 

60 min in person or online approx. once a month

Trénink mindfulness lze přirovnat k tréninku těla ve “fitku”. Podle potřeby můžeme nabídnout setkání jednou za měsíc (osobně či online). Smyslem je udržování praxe, získávání dalších podnětů, možnost reflexe poznatků a zkušenosti.

Price from 250 CZK per person

Workshops for children and youth

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Stress relief

Workshop for youth (11-19 years)

1.5 – 2 h

A comprehensive workshop for young people offering a brief insight into what stress actually is, what it can do for us and how it can limit us, including some specific tips and activities for regulating challenging emotions. YOUNG PEOPLE WILL LEARN: - What happens in our brains and bodies when we are stressed. - How to regulate challenging emotions. - How to calm down before a test or presentation and how to foster inner peace.

Price for the classroom: from 5,000 CZK 


Body-image, body-shaming and self-esteem

Workshop for youth (11-19 years)

1.5 – 2 h

A workshop promoting a healthy and respectful relationship to the body, to oneself and thus to others. It is based on the principles of mindfulness, mindful self-care, respectful communication and insight into issues of social discrimination and media literacy. THE YOUNG PEOPLE WILL LEARN: - What is body-image and body-shaming. - How we express ourselves about our bodies and appearance and how this view and expression affects our psyche, sense of self-worth and self-esteem. - What to do and how to talk about the body with respect for yourself and others and how to develop a friendly relationship with the body.

Price for the classroom: from 5,000 CZK

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Yoga at school

Various age categories 4-19 years

Lessons in length 30 - 90 min

We can provide regular, proffesionally led yoga classes in your school for the healthy physical and mental development of children and adolescents. IN THE YOGA CLASSES CHILDREN AND TEENS WILL LEARN IN A PLAYFUL WAY: - How to feel and respect their body - How to stretch and strengthen in a healthy way - How to relax and calm their minds and difficult emotions - Develop their physical coordination and mental focus - Support their overall immunity and health Yoga classes can be implemented during class time, for example in physical education or personal and social education classes, or as an after-school club. The school must provide a suitable space (gym, etc.) and enough yoga mats for all children/youth. We will adjust the content, length and number of yoga classes according to your needs and wishes.

Price for class/group: from 1,500 CZK

For parents and caregivers

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